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Friday, March 20, 2009

Seaton 4.5: Daybreak, Part 2. The FINAL episode

Pre-episode thoughts

The final episode. It all seems so pointless now. Nothing makes any sense. Adama is risking thousands of lives to rescue Hera even though he should be more concerned about protecting humanity rather than catering to the whims of Cylons.


The first 10 minutes is devoted to flashbacks. Lee is having dinner and getting drunk with brother Zack and Kara, Bill Adama and Saul and Ellen Tigh are at a nightclub getting drunk. Edward James Olmos hams it up grimmacing when he's drinking the pretend alcohol. I wonder if a hard-drinking man like Bill Adama can handle his liquor better than that? Afterwards, Bill is seen puking his guts out on the street.

Roslin is set up on a blind date with a younger man. If I were up, I'd suddenly remember that I forgot to feed my dog, but he pretends to like her even though she's old.

Finally, back on Galactica, Gaius is talking to the Cylon in his brain.

9:22 PM

Preparations are made for the pointless suicide mission (well, I'm sure it won't be pointless... I guess they will go back in time through the black hole and become their own ancestors).

Hoshi, Gaeta's gay lover, is made the new admiral of of the fleet. Where did THAT come from? And Romo Lampkin is the new President. Huh? Where did THAT come from?

Anders is hooked up to the bridge in his hybrid tank. He's going to jam the Cylon signals. I hope he knows his role. He seems like an autistic kid with leukemia, not a guy who's going to save the Galactica from Cylon signals.

Gaius stays aboard Galactica. What does he think he's going to do? Lee hands him a gun. I guess he's a foot soldier now.


Huge battle. Galactica looks outgunned. I think this mission was a really dumb idea.

Meanwhile, inside the Cylon stronghold, "Boomer" kills the black doctor Cylon to save Hera. Didn't "Boomer" put Hera into his clutches in the first place? Women are so irrational.


"Boomer" gives the bay to "Athena," who then kills her.

Gaius and "Caprica Six" jointly see the Six and Gaius in their brains. Will the mystery finally be revealed?

More fighting going on. Gunfire, explosions, etc.

10:08 PM

Opera House mumbo jumbo.

Gaius gives a speech that convinces Cavil to give Hera back to the humans and make peace, in exchange for resurrection technology which the Final Five will give them.

10:19 PM

It's EARTH!!!! It's EARTH!!!!

Everyone saw that coming. Let's back up.

The Final Five Cylons are transferring the resurrection data, but during the transfer, there's a flashback of Tori using her super-Cylon strength to throw Callie into the air like she's a rag doll. Then she jettisons her out the airlock. This outrages Tyrol who breaks off the contact and kills Tori. I personally think she had that coming.

Cavil thinks there was an intentional plan to renege on the deal, so he orders the Cylons to open fire. There's a brief firefight on the bridge, and Bill Adama orders Kara to jump the ship. Now, I ask, isn't there are regular navigator to do this? But of course, if the person's who's job it is to enter the coordinates did his job, then Kara wouldn't have been able to enter the numbers corresponding to the notes in her song, which takes Galactica to our Earth.

10:30 PM

It is just as I predicted several episodes ago! The fleet has arrived in Earth's past, and we, that is you reading this, and I writing this, we are descended from the humans and Cylons of the fleet.

For reasons that are unknown, the humans decide to abandon all of their technology and go native. The ships are to be sent into the sun to burn up. Why????? This makes absolutely no sense at all, except to explain why there are no ancient ruins or other evidence that any of this happened in our past.

10:39 PM

They played the classic Battlestar Galactica music as the fleet, their only defense if Cylons or other enemies find them, was flown into the sun and destroyed.

10:56 PM

Kara just disappeared on Lee. I guess he died back on the other Earth, and this Kara who was hanging around all season was an angel sent to guide humans to Earth. Too bad there is no Ship of Lights.

Roslin died.


Well that's over. The only thing I was wrong about was that I predicted there would be time travel. There was no time travel. Our Earth is the second Earth. The first Earth they found was the first Earth.

I did write, back at the end of season 4.0, that it was not our Earth they were on. I was right about that.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Season 4.5: Daybreak, Part 1


I think this is the penultimate episode.

10:15 PM

The first fifteen minutes of this penultimate episode takes place on New Caprica before the Cylon attack. They waited until NOW to do this scene? Or maybe, they just want to remind us of the show's beginnings.

Gaius's father has an accent that sounds like a cross between Scotty from Star Trak and Chris Multisanti fromt he Sopranos.

New Caprica looks remarkably like a city on the United States in the year 2009.

I think I liked Roslin better when she was some ditzy government worker living on New Caprica, and not the President of the Colonies. It's too bad about her family being killed by a drunk driver.

10:26 PM

The Gaius flashback reminds me of the days where I used to be envious of him for having such hot tall blonde girlfriend. Tricia Helfer was a Victoria's Secret model before she played a Cylon. She was 30 years old when the show started, but now she's almost 35. So sad.

10:36 PM

Nothing much really happened since the last commercial break. Bill Adama and Kara went to visit Anders in his hybrid tank. Kara confirmed that she found her dead body on "Earth."

10:46 PM

Apparently, Anders told them the location of Hera, although I didn't see that.

In the final scene before commercial break, we see Helo and Athena. The latter looks ugly without her makeup.

10:57 PM

The "one way trip" from the previews last week refer to the rescue mission. This seems like a stupid mission to me. It has never been made clear to me why Hera is so important. It seems like Cylon religious superstition that's not the concern of humans. Not worth risking my life for.

11:01 PM

The preview shows that the final two-hour episdoe next week will have a lot of battles and explosions, but it seems pointless to me.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Season 4.5: Islanded in a Stream of Stars

10:07 PM

If I were Adama, I'd say "let Hera die, I don't want the Cylon race to survive. The galaxy isn't big enough for humans and Cylons." But the wuss is going to mount a rescue expidition.

"Athena" is having a mental breakdown because Hera was kidnapped. I still don't understand why "Boomer" was able to beat up "Athena" so easily, because they are supposed to be identical. Maybe "Boomer" has been working out.

Oh no! The Galactica is falling apart at the sames. The Battlestar could survive combat with Cylons, but can't survive just floating in space.

10:19 PM

The Cylon Base Ship is going to be the new military command for the fleet. I feel safe now. We can trust the Cylons.

The new council is looking forward to scavenging the Galactica for its parts. Lee is mortified.

"Boomer" isn't as good with children as "Athena" was.

10:30 PM

Starbuck mentions the Cylon detector to Baltar while he's shaving. I thought everyone forgot about the Cylon detector.

And perhaps more relevant to the plot, Baltar thinks the Number Six in his head is an angel.

Talking about angels, are we ever going to see the Ship of Lights before this series ends?

Then Starbuck visits Anders at the Cylon Base ship. They've hooked him up to the hybrid tank. He starts spouting off hybrid mumbo-jumbo. It seems to effect everyone in the fleet. Ooooh, psychic Cylon powers.

10:45 PM

OOPS, I was srong about Anders, he's hooked up to a hybrid tank on Galactica! He can control the Galactica with his brain. Tigh demanded that he be unplugged.

Was Roslin smoking a joint???

"You're job is to follow orders. Do you understand?" No, Helo has never understood that he's supposed to follow orders. He thinks he can do whatever he wants.

At the funeral, Baltar says that Kara Thrace died, and is now an Angel. Bill Adama And Kara/Starbuck are pissed.

11:00 PM

Hera is now in Cavil's evil clutches.

Bill Adama decides to abandon ship.

The previews show us that next week, the "truth" will finally be revealed. And there will be a "one way trip" for those who are willing.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Season 4.5: Someone to Watch Over Me


This is a George Gershwin song from 1926, and also a 1987 movie staring Tom Berenger and Mimi Rogers.

10:05 PM

Tyrol is SHOCKED that Six wants to kill "Boomer" as punishment for treason.

Didn't Bill Adama kill Gaeta and Zarek a few episodes ago? No one complained about that.

Even more relevant, wasn't Tyrol part of the Star Chamber that executed people involved with aiding the Cylons?

Will anyone act consistently in this series?

10:19 PM

"Boomer" uses "Cylon projection" on Tyrol, and he doesn't like it.

What the heck is "Cylon projection" and how come we never heard about it until now? And why is Tyrol even surprised by it? Isn't he Cylon now?

10:30 PM

Tyrol lets "Boomer" do the "Cylon projection" think with him. Meanwhile, Starbuck is getting close with the piano player.

I've been noticing glassware. Starbuck drinks from shot glasses. I hard drinker like Starbuck should be using a bigger glass to get drunk.

There were a lot of ornate wine goblets in the cabinets in "Boomer's" "Cylon projection" house.

10:41 PM

Tyrol has a brilliant idea. Replace "Boomer" with some random Number 8 that he abducts. They all look the same, so no one can tell the differnece, right?

But somehow, the Cylons know each other. "Boomer" encounters another Number 8, whom she has to beat up and knock out because she has been recognized.

I couldn't tell if she used super-Cylon strength to beat her up. Of course, they are both Cylons, and should both have super-Cylon strength, so that factor should even out.

11:00 PM

There was three different sizes glasses on the table in the bar where Saul and Ellen were drinking.

How come they never run out of booze? Are they distilling the stuff aboard the fleet? Even if they are, shouldn't the booze be white? Amber booze is aged in oak barrels, I doubt that they have a ship full of oak barrels with aging booze.

Starbuck has been playing the Cylon song since she was a kid. And Hera drew the notes to the Cylon song. Before "Boomer" kidnapped her. Before kidnapping Hera, Boomer had wild Cylon sex with Helo.

In the previews for next week, we see that Galactica is "dying" and we will learn some new secrets.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Season 4.5: Deadlock

10:05 PM

That reunion with Ellen and "Boomer" happened pretty quickly. I guess, with only a few episodes remaining, the writers have to move the story along.

How did "Boomer" know how to find the fleet? If "Boomer" can find it, why can't the rest of the Cylons?

10:19 PM

I notice that the Six who got into an altercation at the food line had super Cylon powers, she was able to beat up a whole bunch of men. Tori had super Cylon powers once. How do these super Cylon powers work? How come the humans can't detect Cylons if their bodies are so different that they have super Cylon powers?

Anyway, the main plot is that Ellen is mad at Tigh because he got Caprica Six pregnant.

10:33 PM

So Ellen is still an alcoholic. Gaius still has a Six in his brain, but I think this is the first time we've seen her in this half-season. We haven't really seen much of Gaius either. His worship-harem is pissed at him because he tried to give away their food stockpile to the needy, but men with guns came and took it all.

10:45 PM

Ellen voted to leave with the Cylons just to piss off Saul. That not the behavior I'd expect from a thousands-year-old woman with the brains to design new biological Cylons.

Before the commercial break, Caprica Six had some sort of pregnancy problem.

10:57 PM

Gaius told Bill Adama something about how Galactica is becoming "blended ship." Then Adama had his troops give a bunch of assault rifles to Gaius' worship harem.

I think Anders is coming out of his coma.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Season 4.5: No Exit


No exit from what?


The purpose of this episode is to finally explain everything, at least most of everything, and it seems to be very close to what I guessed in my post from three days ago.

By showing what happened after Ellen resurrected after Saul killed her, and by giving Anders his memory back on account of getting a bullet in his brain, we are told most of the story. (It was easy to predict that Anders would not be able to finish the story after the operation to remove the bullet. The writers need to leave a little bit of mystery so we watch the remaining episodes. So now Anders is in a coma.)

The "final five" Cylons are actually time travelers from the past who went to the colonies in order to prevent the human race from developing Cylons and having those Cylons rebel. But they got there too late, so instead they made a deal with the Cylons to end the war, and in return they would help the Cylons develop human bodies. (Why would the Cylons even want this?)

Ellen was the chief designer of the humanoid Cylons. Apparently she did a bad job of designing Cavil, whom she calls John. Cavil/John had the "final five" Cylons killed, and when they resurrected he planted fake memories into their brains and left them with the human colonies. Cavil/John was the one who broke the peace agreement and ordered the destruction of humanity.

The story doesn't tell us if "Earth" is the Earth that we live on. I think that the answer is yes. Here is my guess: the "final five," who lived in our future, somehow recovered the ancestral Cylon memories which are otherwise dormant. This explains how we are Cylon but don't know it.

This episode demonstrates how evil and racist Gaeta and Zarek were. If their plan had succeeded and they had killed Tyrol, Anders, Tori, and Saul Tigh, they would have destroyed humanity's only hope for survival. This demonstrates why racism is bad, and why, here on the real Earth, we should only vote for Democrats.

(Of course, I need to point out that if the final five are really the good guys, why did Tori kill Callie? Tori doesn't seem so good to me.)

Besides the real story of what happened, there are three other plot developments in this episode. (1) Roslin wants Lee to take over as the--well I'm not sure exactly what. Acting president? Vice president? (2) The Galactica is falling apart, and the only way to save it is for Tyrol to use Cylon bio-technology. It's a good thing that Gaeta and Zarek were stopped, otherwise they would have destroyed everyone when they jumped. (3) Ellen Tigh has escaped from Cavil/John's evil clutches with the help of Boomer. I guess there will be a reunion with the fleet in a future episode.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Time travel ending

In a comment to my post on the most recent episode, "Blood on the Scales"